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Senderisme. Vall de Boí.

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El lloc, la Ribagorça i la Vall de Boí.

Descubreix d'una manera segura i divertida, els diferents camins de farradura que comuniquen els pobles de la vall;

Historia, tradició i cultura units per a profunditzar en els antics usos dels camins de farradura de la Vall de Boí;

Activitat apta per a qualsevol edat i condició física; ens adaptem a les vostres característiques;


Dates: D' Abril a Octubre
Lloc: Vall de Boí
Tipus d'activitat: Senderisme 
Preus: 25€ per participant



Grups: a partir de 4 participants

S'aconsella una mínima condició física adaptan cada ruta al nivell i objectius del grup.

La ruta prevista podrá variar depenent de les condicions meteorológiques.

HORARI. de les 9h a les 13.30h aproximadament.




  • Vistes dels FAROS. Boí/ Durro/ Barruera. Pels camins de farradura que uneixen els pobles de la Vall; Bones vistes, tradició i cultura.
  • Las cabanes de PASTOR. Des de el poble de Taüll descubrirem els secrets i la historia dels pastors a la Vall de Boí; els refugis abandonats.
  • De Durro a Sarais, el poble ABANDONAT de la Vall de Boí;




  • botes o zapatillas de montanya
  • roba d'abric tipus Gore-Tex
  • ulleres de sol
  • crema protectora solar
  • petita motxila
  • picnic



½ día. De les 9h a les 13.30h aproximadament

25€ X participant.
El preu inclou: guía local i titulat, assegurança de dia 
No inclou: picnic.

Chariots of fire


A classic. Integral round trip across the National Park created during the summer of 1990 by the guards of the lodges, who decided to make a kind of contest out of the trips they took to visit their fellow guards in other lodges.

The route takes its name from Hugh Hudson's film, Chariots of Fire, where two athletes compete for personal reasons in the running contest of the 1924 Olympic Games. Every year there is also a Chariots of Fire NON STOP contest, in which participants run round the National Park in less than 24 hours.

At GUIES DE TAULL we invite you to complete the route in 4 to 6 days, always adapting the itinerary to the level and aims of the group. We also handle the reservations for the lodges.


When: February 19th to April 25th
Where: Aigüestortes and Lake Sant Maurici National Park. Pyrenees
Activity: Hiking
Price: 545€ per person (5/6 persons)

1/2 day. National Park of Aiguestortes and Lake St. Maurici


The venue: National Park of Aiguestortes and Lake St. Maurici, the Ribagorça region and Vall de Boi.

Discover the different valleys that make up the National Park in a safe and fun way. Learn how to interpret the traces left by animals in their wild home, know how to use and understand a map and all the information it contains... enjoy the feeling of freedom that high mountain affords in spring and summer time.

An activity suitable for any age and physical condition, we adapt to your characteristics.


When: April to October
Where: Pyrenees. Ribagorça.
Activity: Hiking
Price: from 15 to 25€ per participant

Full day. National Park of Aiguestortes and Lake St. Maurici


Be it along the National Park, heading toward the north face of Corticelles or to Portarró de Espot, (typical viewpoint overlooking lake St. Maurici and the Encantats), or along the park's buffer zone, toward the port of Rus or the valley of Moró, enjoy a full 5 to 6 hours journey along black pine forests, and also, if you wish, strolls inside the fir forests of Val d'Aran.

Get to know our surrounding milieu, the landscape and the life that flows within high mountain forests and meadows.


When: April to October
Where: The Pyrenees. Vall de Boí
Activity: Hiking
Price: 40€ per participant

Multi-day hikes


Summertime and living in a mountain hut, crossing Portarró Espot toward Lake St.Maurici and from there to the cirque of Colomers ... This is only one of the several trips that we invite you to take for 2 or 3 days, sleeping in one of the comfortable lodges that open during the summer in the National Park.

At GUIES DE TAULL we will adapt the itinerary to the level and aims of the group, and we will also handle the reservations for the lodges.

Orientation, landscape, culture and above all discovery!


When: May to September
Where: Pyrenees
Activity: Hiking
Price: 50€ per participant/dat

At GUIES DE TAÜLL we will handle the reservations for the lodges.

Spring Summer Activities Hiking


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